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Ground Floor and Grounds

Click on one of the rooms below to see some pictures of it (Reception, Lecture Theatre, Conference Room, G3 or G14) or the green area for pictures of the grounds.

Photos of Lecture Theatre Photos of the Conference Room Photos of G3 Photos of the grounds Photos of G14 - Billiard Room Photos of Reception Photos of the entrance Plan of the Ground Floor

Note that the main building used to end at G8/G9. The rooms to the left in the plan are part of a two story extension built in brick. The corridor linking the house and the extension is somewhat crude, although somewhat old. There is a portion of the corridor where there clearly used to be a fireplace which was part of G8 - but you have to look carefully as the paneling, skirting board and dado rail have been blended in very well. G10 was the Gun Room.

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