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Apartment 1 - The South Flats

Thanks to Gerry Eustace for most of the photos of Apartment 1. Gerry spent many years in a lab that is now a hall and kitchen.

Apartment 1 door

Apartment 1 hall

This used to be the saddle room. When Logica left, there were still the cupboards for storing equipment and pegs to hang tack on.

Apartment 1 dining room

This used to be a coach house. The doors have been modified to install glass panes. Logica had left the doors alone, but had blocked up the doorways on the inside for security - two of these have now been re-opened.

Apartment 1 dining room

Apartment 1 living room

Apartment 1 patio

Apartment 2 - The stables (part of)

Apartment 2 stairs

When Logica converted the stables to office space, the partitions and hay racks were left where they were. Here, the partitions have been removed then re-instated in a similar location, and form part of the banister for the newly installed staircase. The hay racks have gone.

Apartment 2 kitchen

The kitchen and the room above are in a block that Logica constructed in the 1990's as a toilet and shower block. It is a credit to Logica that most people think that this building is original.

Apartment 14 - Billiard room, etc

Apartment 14 living room

The old billiard room now has glass panels in the roof making it very bright and airy as dining/living room. Apartment 14 will be slightly confusing to Logica staff as it includes the old back entrance but now also has stairs down to the 'lower ground floor'. The route via the back door always was a bit of a rabbit warren, trying to work out the old route now is even more difficult.

Work in progress



West pavilion

Doesn't the West Wing look better without the West Pavilion? This area used to be a rain bath. There was a retaining wall with steps down to an entrance to one of the computer commissioning areas on the left (now bricked up). The door that lead to the West Pavilion from the main basement corridor has also been bricked up. The door that you can see in the photo above used to be just a window. The developers are doing a good job of changes like this - much as Logica did in their time.

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