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Octagonal oak table

I made this table with the help of my friend, David. It is made from oak collected in Kent. Rather than make the top from two planks (the wood available was not wide enough to do it in one), I decided to quarter the top. The grain on top would follow around, but every other plank is upside down; this helps to cancel out errors in the joints. All the other joints are held with dowels made from pequia.

Cross and ring puzzle

This is a cross and ring puzzle that I made for two of my brothers for Christmas. I had about a week between first seeing the puzzle and Christmas, and I still had to go to work during the week. The challenge is to remove the ring (with ought breaking it, of course). Each part of the cross has some pins inside; as you try to get one pin out of the way so that the parts will separate, another pin moves into the way. There is, however, an easy solution that requires some lateral thinking. Made from rosewood.

Oak bur puzzle

Oak bur puzzle

Following on from the metal bur puzzles I made some years ago, this oak version is a lot larger, made for one of my brothers. I also made one from 3-inch square fence post for a bit of fun.

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