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It is possible to create interesting patterns in rope by tangling it in particular ways.

Two of the common tangles are the Turk's Head and the Monkey Fist. The Turk's Head was tied around a spar as an end-stop. The Monkey Fist was tied around a stone to create a heavy weight for a heaving line, for example to throw to shore when approaching a quay.

Mag-Lite torch with Turk's Head tied around it

Here are a couple of Turk's Heads tied around the barrel and lamp of a Mag-Lite torch. The knots act as a buffer between the torch and whatever it happens to be resting on. On the barrel, it also acts as an end-stop for when you want to hold the torch at the end rather than in the middle.

Having been inspired by some knots and reproduced some of them, it was time to dicover the possibilities of tying knots in metal wire.

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