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Here are some of the things that have given me inspiration for my own work.

Zigarrette box

Zigarrette Box from John Makepeace's Parnham shop. The design has an elegant simplicity to it, it's practical and it includes a joke.

Cecil Jordan boxCecil Jordan box

Laburnum box with rose engine turned lid by Cecil Jordan. This inspired me enought to go on to develop my own tools for engine turning.

John Makepeace table lamp

The shape of this lamp fascinated me - it looks like a square pyramid of jelly that has been twisted. I wondered how it could have been made for the price. I have some ideas about how it may have been made, but I'm still not convinced.

Mag-Lite torch with Turk's Head tied around it

Mag-Lite torch with Turk's Head tied around it

One of my brothers has the patience to tie long Turk's Head knots like these.

I like a certain type of puzzle. The type I like are similar in some ways to locks ... solving the puzzle of how to open a lock. Maybe there is something in that as to why I work in IT Security. One class of puzzle that it a bit like a lock is a Burr Puzzle There are some examples that I have made in wood and metal.

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