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Magnificent view of Cobham Park from across the lake

Memories of Logica Cobham Park


In common with many grand Victorian residences, Cobham Park (above) is set in mature parkland. Many of the trees in the grounds were planted as fine specimens of newly discovered species - it was fashionable to have the latest and most exotic plants in the grounds. The monkey puzzle tree (near the air raid shelter), for example, is one of the oldest of its kind in the country.

In the last few years of Logica's occupation of Cobham Park, the gardener/grounds man, Simon Long, was a tree specialist. His skill and devotion has helped to preserve many of the trees and maintain their form and habit. In the process of this pruning, samples of rare and interesting woods became available. Andy Webber, who worked for Logica at Cobham Park for twelve years, collected some of those samples for small woodworking projects. You can read more about Cobham Park history and see more photos.

Pens and Pencils

Now, some of these samples have been used to create pens and pencils in this limited edition range. Apart from buying one of the luxury retirement apartments, this could be your only chance to own a bit of Cobham Park.

All pens and pencils are handmade by David Morgan at The Jacaranda Tree and are designed to show the natural grain and colour of the woods to best effect. Individual pen shapes will vary slightly, and of course each pen will have its own grain pattern and colour. However, the photographs below are representative of the shape, colour and grain. All woods are available as biro, rollerball, fountain pen, and pencil. Patterns are only available as biros. Not all combinations are shown below.

The pens take standard high quality refills (biros - Cross; rollerballs - Shaffer; pencils - 0.5mm lead). You can also see examples of pens and other gifts made of wood by The Jacaranda Tree.

To Order

To buy a pen or pencil please contact David at The Jacaranda Tree. Alternatively, Andy Webber, formerly of LogicaCMG. Suitable wood to make pens is now extremly limited and pens are made to order.

Payment is on delivery by cash or cheque (pay "David Morgan") in sterling.

Cobham Park Pens.
All the wood in these pens is sourced exclusively from Cobham Park.
Pictures not to scale
Pen Yew biro £25.00
Pen Yew biro with both sapwood and heartwood £25.00
Pen Holly biro £25.00
Pen Holly rollerball or Fountain pen £25.00
Pen Holly biro with knot £25.00
Pen Boxwood biro £25.00
Pen Boxwood pencil £30.00
Pen Laburnum biro £25.00
Pen Laburnum biro with both sapwood and heartwood £25.00
Pen Lawson Cyprus biro £25.00
Pen Striped biro (pattern 1 - includes all of the above) £30.00
Pen Striped biro (pattern 2 - includes all of the above) £30.00
Pen Striped biro (pattern 3 - includes all of the above) £30.00
Other patterns and combinations of woods are also available £30.00

Summary of prices
Single wood biro, rollerball or fountain pen25.00
Striped biro30.00


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