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Here are links to external websites. I accept no responsibility for the content of these sites. I try to check links routinely to make sure they have not gone stale -please let me know if you find any of these have gone stale or link to inappropriate content.

IT Security

General IT Security

You will find a load of links to other resources on IT Security on my IT Security pages.


I am currently working on NIST FIPS PUB 140-2 testing. A useful introduction to FIPS 140 is being constructed (also available here).


I have an interest in crafts as a hobby (see my pages). So here are some craft related links.

People that do craft

David Morgan at The Jacaranda Tree is a cabinet maker and turner specializing in producing contemporary designs using a combination of exotic and domestic hardwoods (also available here).

Tina D Morgan is a silversmith specializing is custom and designer jewellery (also available here).

Tom Whiteley is a Master Thatcher in Bransgore, Hampshire. (Also here).

The Fire and Iron Gallery, Leatherhead has a wonderful showroom of various metalworking. They also run courses in blacksmithing.

People that supply to the craft trade

These are companies that I have had dealings with or know of. I have no vested interest in any of them and of course can not guarantee that you will be satisfied. Please let me know if you have any problems with any of these companies and I'll consider de-listing them.

Axminster Power Tools have a good range of hand and power tools for working wood and metals. They have a very extensive range and pretty competitive prices. Get the catalogue as their website is not as good as the printed form. Their customer support is pretty good in the event of problems.

Buck and Ryan have a smaller range of hand and power tools. I'd say they are worth a visit if you happen to be in the area and don't want the hassle of ordering by post. I have most dealings with the Guildford shop which has been owned by Buck and Ryan for ages but is only now (2002) being re-branded from its old name "Messangers".

Craft Supplies UK have a good supply of bits and bobs to use in projects (like clock inserts and bits for turned projects). They have a pretty good range of turning tools.

Wokingham Tool Co LtdAn excellent stock and friendly staff. 97/99 Wokingham Road, Reading, RG6 1LH

Drews the Ironmongers have a good selection of ironmongery, building supplies and safety equipment (stuff like boots, gloves, overalls)

Friends, etc

Howard Smith has an eclectic website. Oh yes.

David Lodge; a man that likes his radio controlled helicopters.

Chris Yeowell likes horses, skiing and Dalmatians.

Aravis Traductions is a friend of mine that does French/English translations.

My other home on the net. Not much on there apart from links back to here.


Mousewise provides website design and computer training to individuals and small companies. Note that Mousewise did not implement this website.

Opera produce what I think is the best Internet browser available. Opera has 2 drawbacks: 1 it costs money (you can get it free if you don't mind some discrete adverts); 2 some websites, like MSN, appear to have a vendetta against it.

Mozilla is essentially a free Open Source version of Netscape, available for the Mac, Linux, Unix, etc and I think there is a version for Microsoft Windows. Whilst not as good as opera, Mozilla tends to work on sites that don't like Opera.

Google provide one of the best Internet search engines, if you didn't know that already. But AltaVista is making quite a come-back, at last.

Maison Blanc make some exceedingly good gateaux, patiserie and bread. The sandwiches are very good. Shops in various parts of the South East of England, but my favourite is Cobham.

Specialsed Paving can clean your block paving, flagstone, slab or tarmac patio or driveway treated to keep it looking good as new.


Christchurch Sailing Club

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