Hosted by Cobham Park Ground Floor and Grounds - Reception

Ground Floor and Grounds - Reception

A grand oak paneled reception area with a large fireplace. Over the fireplace (opposite the entrance) is the Combe coat of arms carved in oak.

Reception and stairs

Looking towards the desk - The whole area was repainted in the Summer of '99, replacing the old brown ceiling with this lighter scheme. We hated it at first but it grew on us

Ceiling detail

Detailed Ceiling Boss

Oak fireplace

The splendid main fireplace. This also has the coat of arms of the Combe Family. It used to be very nice to walk in on a cold winter's morning to a roaring log fire. Sadly, some work on the second floor broke into one of the chimneys and the fire never burned properly afterwards, filling reception with smoke. The chimney sweep used to have to use all of his rods to reach the top of the chimney.


View from the east end including the angel sculpture. The angel, although not part of the fixtures and fittings, was left by Logica and it is hoped that she will be well cared for.


In the distance, the doors through to what should be a conservatory but was a timber shed erected, it is believed, by Eagle Star



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