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Ground Floor and Grounds - G3

G3 was used by Logica as a meeting room for some time, until it became an office, and a rather splendid office it was too. The ceiling is particularly opulent. This room has bay windows overlooking the lawn and lake. To the side it also has a bay window that overlooked the conservatory (later replaced by a timber shed known as the East Pavilion). This bay had French doors and stone steps down to the lawn.

Sky panel

This room was used as an office - not bad eh?. The ceilings do indeed show an empty sky - perhaps no one got round to painting the cherubs.

Sky panel and border

Note the gold detailing around the walls.

Sky panel in bay window

Coving and border

The drapes painted on the wall, when seen from a distance (and the ceiling is very high, so you normally see it from a distance!) give the appearance of being part of the coving. This, combined with the continuation of the sky colour down the wall gives the appearance that the ceiling is much bigger and therefore the room is much bigger than it really is.

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