Hosted by Cobham Park First Floor F2

First Floor - F2 Master Bedroom

This is a massive room; the plan show two corridors - one of these was a later addition that steals space from rooms F2 and F3. The room had 3 doors, one from the main staircase, one from F3 to the right and one from the left. One of the side rooms (probably F3) would originally have been an anti-chamber or dressing room.

Wall safe

This is the jewelery safe for the master bedroom. The interior is compartmented and lined. There are a number of drawers suitable for storing items like watches and necklaces. The safe is about twice as deep as it appears, with half of the safe being set into the wall. The safe was made by Chubb.

Marble Fireplace

One of the fireplaces for this room with marble surround.

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